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Mending Fences

Hebrews 4:16 “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”

A decorative fence around his yard did stand
with white pickets, each placed with care.
Crafted and painted and set neatly by hand.
At its beauty all  would stop and stare.

A neighborhood boy, now becoming a man,
still too young, though, to drive tons of steel,
lost control as he drove and destroyed the pen.
He now faced a result, dire and real.

Not a single straight board was standing erect,
all disjointed, dislodged or displaced.
As the master surveyed the wonderful mess,
his options did not start with grace.

He could have elected to act as a judge,
a sure penalty both swift and severe.
No one would blame him for acting as such
or for the justice of his handiwork, either.

“You must make repairs to this chaos you made
every slat put back where it belongs.
And I will be talking to your father today,
or to that man with a badge and a gun.”

He could have instead chosen mercy to bless,
grant an option to make it all right.
Give him a chance to pay for this mess,
and to fix it, if it takes all the night.

“You must make repairs, but I’ll help you, dear child,
and I’ll let you work off your debt.
If we work with great zeal, no one need be wise.
Come now, quickly, with a pep in your step!”

But the man did not choose to be merciful or just,
for a third option was available still.
His election of grace astounded this Puck
with a “miraculous” choice, if you will.

“Are you hurt? Are you scared? Don’t panic, young man.
I’m here and will make all things new.
I’ll take care of this problem with my own feet and hands,
and when I hurry, my paint dries before dew.

“I won’t make you pay, for you’re just a young lad,
and my resources are rich, vast and deep.
I’ll make everything new; the old will be past.
Go and rest and I’ll work as you sleep.

“In the morning you’ll awake and glance all around:
the fence and the yard both renewed.
Perhaps then we’ll walk and remember our bond
that was formed when I sacrificed for you.”

Grace is a gift, both extravagant and free;
undeserved joy and favor unmerited.
We deserve justice, and long so for mercy,
yet find that, in lieu, grace we’ve inherited.



How would I paint suffering?

I’d choose a palette infused with browns and reds.

I’d squeeze onions to wet the watercolors,

warpaint under my eyes to battle with the canvas.

I’d paint with acrylics in an airtight closet

and one fifteen-watt incandescent bulb.

No smiling scratch-n-sniff.

No fruity tones.

No bouquets.

I’d lick the spongy tips to moisten them,

the venom of pepper-vinegar affixed to my tongue.

I’d whip bold, plucky, cutting strokes,

hurrying to finish and flip to the other side.

I’d not use paint at all, but spread gritty chalks on a new, black board,

screeching as they give themselves to the art.

I’d look away, toward the finished image of perfection,

the box-top of a jigsaw puzzle.

I’d finger-paint, boiling the colors to singe my fingertips,

adding blood to the red

and body to the brown.

Then I’d hammer nails in its hands and hang it high for all to see,

the beauty redeeming the pain.

a rose

a rose bud is tight
wrapped upon itself
a potential yet to unfold

the blossom opens
colors and petals
revealing a beauty untold

once blooming in full
the fullness of joy
evident for all to behold

opening is through
the center exposed
its story is somehow not whole

the torah’s a bud
alluding to more
unseen fullness yet to unfold

then prophets unpack
more of his truth shown
a glimpse of a story untold

this testament shows
the Glorious One
a Savior for all to behold

epistles complete
the truth known throughout
a story that’s finally whole

the road

suff’ring is not the road i’d choose

i’d much rather find an easier way

but i forget about winning until i lose


these toils of life are like stones in my shoes

the blisters are painful and cause me to sway

suff’ring is not the road i’d choose


discouragement ignites a very short fuse

not sure it’s worth the cloud of dismay

but i forget about winning until i lose


the treacherous journey leaves me amused

i stumble and fall but proceed anyway

suff’ring is not the road i’d choose


this trek we call life leaves me confused

just wonder if i can survive the day

but i forget about winning until i lose


some refer to strife as paying your dues

but if that’s the cost i’d rather not pay

suff’ring is not the road i’d choose

but i forget about winning until i lose


This is called a “villanelle,” which you can read about here, and this is my submission for One Shot Wednesday for OneStopPoetry (though my form is a week late…). Go here to read other submissions for week 30.

My Utmost – Am I Looking To God?


the cloak of darkness is a deeper black

squint or strain, my soul’s eyes can’t penetrate

recesses fill with regrets of my past

so distracting that I can’t concentrate

worry and dread act as partners tonight

working as one to cloud my tomorrow

removing my joy and my zest for life

turning up, down, and smiles to sorrow

i seek peace through intellect and effort

exploring my thoughts for any way out

searching for answers but finding no comfort

confidence and faith yield humbly to doubt

down on my knees, cry in anguish to Him

light overtakes me, His peace rushes in


“Look to Me, and be saved . . .”  —Isaiah 45:22


Our difficulties, our trials, and our worries about tomorrow all vanish when we look to God. Build your hope on Him. No matter how many things seem to be pressing in on you, be determined to push them aside and look to Him. “Look to Me . . . .” Salvation is yours the moment you look.

–From utmost.com

eye disease

Great post today on the Cycleguy’s Spin about “eye” disease. I hope you’ll read it.  My reaction is below.


where are your eyes

and how do you see

do you have God’s perspective

or are you blind like me


my vision is blurry

and my view is obscured

when i see through my own eyes

instead of His word


i often lose focus

my eyes off the goal

looking backward regretfully

not seeing the whole


see past our surroundings

take a good look around

we serve a big God

and His blessings abound


when i’m feeling myopic

and my spiritual eyes are blind

i set my sights again on my Savior

and on what lies ahead, not behind


Where are your eyes?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, too.  And don’t forget to read the comments on Cycleguy’s post.  His readers have some great insights…

Romans 6 – Poetic Paraphrase

Romans 6:1-14

1   to continue to sin so that grace may abound

would be like my sons wanting to hear the sound

of a belt or spoon. they didn’t consider the end

or they wouldn’t have continued to sin.


2   we have died to sin and all that sin entails

to continue to live in it would completely derail

the good that God has for me and you

so let us die to it and not let sin continue


3   baptized into Christ is to join Him in His death

to give in so completely that there is none of us left

this goes for all of us who are associated with Christ

for we have joined His death when in Him we were baptized


4   being raised from the dead after we’re buried with Him

to the glory of the Father we’re completely dead to sin

buried to sin then raised just as Christ

no longer just dead to sin but raised in newness of life


5   united with Him in a death like His

trying not to live like i once did

His power in me is without question

united with Him, too, in His resurrection


6   my old self was crucified and brought to nothing

that body of sin is now dead and rotting

no longer enslaved, but free and alive

the body of sin is dead, crucified


7   set free from sin is the one who has died

the body of sin is dead, crucified

escaped from the bondage that once held me

the one who has died has been set free


8   if i died with Christ i believe i will also live

dead to my old self and dead to sin

for if my old self has died with Christ

then i also believe that in Christ i’m alive


9   Christ, being raised, will never die again

death and grave have no dominion over Him

He was raised from the dead, once more alive

we know that Christ will never again die


10  for the death he died, once for all

to save me from my sin and fall

a life to God he died to sin

he died he died he lives he lives


11   i must consider myself both alive and dead

dead to sin but alive to God instead

to God in Christ Jesus i am alive

dead to my sin but alive in Christ


12  sin therefore must no longer reign

the sin that once was is dead and slain

it can no longer make me obey its passions

i will therefore not let my mortal body sin


13  i will not present my members to sin as instruments

for unrighteousness. but instead present

myself to God as i’ve been brought to life

my members to God as instruments of the upright


14  sin has no dominion over me

not under law but under grace i’m free

the rule of sin has come to an end

because under grace it has no dominion