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India Hobson Photography


this lens i stand quietly behind

cannot completely see

or capture all that hides inside

focusing only on a simile


a contrasting image obscures my view

its likeness revealing my soul

one letting another filter through

and leaving me fully exposed


i wish to embrace all that it might see

beauty deeper than skin

escaping this life of misery

a delicate grace from within


instead i see through a broken lens

a scene that’s tainted in truth

grateful that this photographic end

is shadowed with colors and hues


This is my submission for One Shoot Sunday at onestoppoetry.com. Click here to see some of the other submissions.



bird and man photo by James Rainsford c/o One Stop Poetry
Photo by James Rainsford


the colored hues of stone and life

perplex the eye and mind

to believe that stone is forever etched

or that these wings are very much alive


but living tis more than a beating heart

and beauty beyond the sculpt of hand

a life well lived is worthy far more

than this bird perched on the memory of a man


for the man has carved a legacy strong

a reminder of a good that once was

while the fowl sits lifeless atop a good name

and does what a good bird does


This is my submission for the Picture Prompt Challenge at One Stop Poetry. Go read some of the other submissions here.

broken silence

the silence is only broken

by forced-dammed tears


the air is sticky

coagulated grease

left on the stovetop


hollow pings from the speakers

do little to drown out the quiet


reflectors thump the tires

as the vocal chords rest

and eyes burn not with passion


the driveway finds the wheels

unfitting end to a weary ride


doors thud as dead air is trapped

the softened stairway carpets the pain

and leads upward to a new place


the car remains below and outside

and the silence is again broken



This is my submission for One Shot Wednesday for OneStopPoetry.

Go there to read other submissions for the week.


Remnants of Shakespeare



Friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your ears,

for mine eyes aren’t enough to behold life’s beauty.

Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind

and sees with a light that in my inner darkness abides.

What light through yonder window breaks?

A golden tone both elegant and soft,

its rich warmth searching for that which lusters.

All that glisters is not gold.


As the trees look in to find their place,

all the world’s a stage

for the doyen of art to show his mastery.

This thing of darkness

hinders our view of what is lovely and

of all that is worthy of mending.

Nothing can come of nothing but

such stuff as dreams are made on.


O, what men dare do!

to leave to rot this chalice of joy.

What’s done is done,

but should not keep one from doing it again

tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

Pray we, too, will live our scripts with abandon,

our heart’s stage ever breathing the words of the author.

To him and to thine own self be true.


This is my submission for a One Stop Poetry’s Picture Prompt Challenge. The picture, shown above, led me to interact with remnants of Shakespeare. It’s quite a bit more than just a caption!

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snowflakes falling

every one unique



i open my mouth

but not to speak


can’t hide the footsteps

know where i’ve been



scattered all about

it’s fine until then


sun remains hidden

grey sending down white



day behind the clouds

soft before the night



This is my submission for One Shot Wednesday for OneStopPoetry.

Go there to read other submissions for the week.

the road

suff’ring is not the road i’d choose

i’d much rather find an easier way

but i forget about winning until i lose


these toils of life are like stones in my shoes

the blisters are painful and cause me to sway

suff’ring is not the road i’d choose


discouragement ignites a very short fuse

not sure it’s worth the cloud of dismay

but i forget about winning until i lose


the treacherous journey leaves me amused

i stumble and fall but proceed anyway

suff’ring is not the road i’d choose


this trek we call life leaves me confused

just wonder if i can survive the day

but i forget about winning until i lose


some refer to strife as paying your dues

but if that’s the cost i’d rather not pay

suff’ring is not the road i’d choose

but i forget about winning until i lose


This is called a “villanelle,” which you can read about here, and this is my submission for One Shot Wednesday for OneStopPoetry (though my form is a week late…). Go here to read other submissions for week 30.