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Adam, Eve, and snake

share a fruit snack from the tree.

Find figs in fashion.


Big hair meant great brawn.

Lost in lust, Delilah lied.

One blind act redeemed.


Prayed three times each day.

Pray, to avoid lion’s lunch.

Prey not, for Dan prayed.


Shad, Mesh and Abed:

Forty foot idol of gold.

No bow–fire–no die.


Minute man, big foe.

One choice stone properly placed.

Fought well. Believed well.


One Man, once for all.

His death exchanged for our life.

He lives, so we live.


12 baskets

two fish and five loaves

fed five thousand men and more

no one left hungry


twelve baskets of scraps

food to feed a small army

what do we do now


baskets are heavy

this may spoil before it’s gone

more than we bargained


guess we’ll throw it out

it won’t keep till tomorrow

seems like such a waste


waves and crashing wind

have courage for it is I

we don’t understand


–From Matthew 14


My Utmost – The Nature of Reconciliation

He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him —2 Corinthians 5:21

“Other faiths deal with sins— the Bible alone deals with sin. It is revealed throughout the Bible that our Lord took on Himself the sin of the world through identification with us, not through sympathy for us. And now anyone can experience that reconciliation, being brought into oneness with God, on the basis of what our Lord has done on the cross.”  http://utmost.org/the-nature-of-reconciliation/


He who knew no sin

was made to be sin for us

that we might be right


He took on our sin

so that our sins might not reign

He died once for all


we have died to sin

buried with Christ in baptism

raised to walk in Him


the newness of life

means never to die again

alive by God’s grace