Black and white head shot by JasonThere’s always another side to every story, and I usually see it best when I write about it.

Sometimes it’s bland. Sometimes it’s fun.  Sometimes it’s emotional. Sometimes it’s even poetic. But it’s what (and how) I think…

I haven’t been blogging for very long, but I enjoy writing, especially poetry.  I love it so much that I’m in school again, pursuing a masters degree in media and communications from Dallas Theological Seminary, with an emphasis on writing.

I’m particularly interested in relating to church leaders and helping them solve problems.  Think of me as a “professional layman.”

My love of writing and my desire to relate creatively to church leaders sometimes results in blog posts.  I take an enlightening post or maybe a devotional that someone else has written and put a poetic spin on it. I also have an archive of the devotionals I’ve written myself at devotionallyspeaking.wordpress.com. In addition to my devotionals, I’ve also “spun” blogs from notable bloggers such as John SaddingtonCarlos WhitakerJason CurleeTony Morgan, and Seth Godin. If you want me to spin your post, hit me up!  I love a challenge…

If you want to read an interesting (or hopefully interesting) spin on existing blogs, I invite you to subscribe to my blog.  You can always click through to the original blog (I always link to my inspiration piece), but if you want a creative spin, or perhaps a mild smile, that’s what I’m about.


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