Monthly Archives: July 2011


Some dear friends recently shared a passage of Scripture with my wife and me that had encouraged them through some hard times of their own. The passage was Psalm 20.

I paraphrased it for them like this:

in times of trouble
He hears our cry
the God of Jacob keeps us safe unto Him
He sends us help
from His sanctuary
and strengthens us from Jerusalem

our heart’s desires
He grants for us
and makes all our plans succeed
we shout for joy
raise our banner high
for in the name of our God is victory

the anointed king
is answered from heav’n
and rescued by His great pow’r
some nations boast
of chariot and horse
but we boast in the name of our God

those nations will all
collapse and fall down
but we stand firm and rise up
give us victory
oh Lord, to our king
and answer our cry for help

I hope this serves to encourage others as it has encouraged our friends, and as it has likewise encouraged us…

Grace and peace,