bird and man photo by James Rainsford c/o One Stop Poetry
Photo by James Rainsford


the colored hues of stone and life

perplex the eye and mind

to believe that stone is forever etched

or that these wings are very much alive


but living tis more than a beating heart

and beauty beyond the sculpt of hand

a life well lived is worthy far more

than this bird perched on the memory of a man


for the man has carved a legacy strong

a reminder of a good that once was

while the fowl sits lifeless atop a good name

and does what a good bird does


This is my submission for the Picture Prompt Challenge at One Stop Poetry. Go read some of the other submissions here.


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Dad, husband, drummer, cyclist, writer, poet, and Christ-follower. Right-brained dreamer solving left-brained problems. Trying to relate in new and creative ways. View all posts by Delton

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