the road

suff’ring is not the road i’d choose

i’d much rather find an easier way

but i forget about winning until i lose


these toils of life are like stones in my shoes

the blisters are painful and cause me to sway

suff’ring is not the road i’d choose


discouragement ignites a very short fuse

not sure it’s worth the cloud of dismay

but i forget about winning until i lose


the treacherous journey leaves me amused

i stumble and fall but proceed anyway

suff’ring is not the road i’d choose


this trek we call life leaves me confused

just wonder if i can survive the day

but i forget about winning until i lose


some refer to strife as paying your dues

but if that’s the cost i’d rather not pay

suff’ring is not the road i’d choose

but i forget about winning until i lose


This is called a “villanelle,” which you can read about here, and this is my submission for One Shot Wednesday for OneStopPoetry (though my form is a week late…). Go here to read other submissions for week 30.


About Delton

Dad, husband, drummer, cyclist, writer, poet, and Christ-follower. Right-brained dreamer solving left-brained problems. Trying to relate in new and creative ways. View all posts by Delton

8 responses to “the road

  • marousia

    This would make an excellent song – seems to have that kind of flow

  • brian

    nice vilanelle…suffring i think is not the road any of us would choose though at some point or another we all find ourselves there…i really like the line about forgetting winning until you lose…i think it speaks to the need of both to appreciate the other…nice one shot

  • bill (cycleguy)

    Good word Delton. Glad to see you were able to link up with others who are into poetry. Just read your “About.” Cyclist? What is your steed? Mine is a Trek 2.3 64 cm. Yeah its a tall one. The last production bike made before custom.

  • Delton de Armas (@delton70)

    Hey Bill! Thanks for the connecting me. My road bike is an older Look Team Kelme 61cm, lugged carbon frame in the classic yellow with green. I also have an Ellsworth Epiphany and Gary Fisher Rig for off-road riding. Wish list include a Cervelo P2 for TT/Tri’s and a fixie. Don’t get me started on cycling, tho, or we’re apt to speak of nothing else…

  • Claudia

    nice villanelle dalton – you have srong A1 and A2 rhymes and got the form right – and even though the lines vary quite a bit syllable-wise (8 to 12), they can be spoken in a 4 beat meter when you are a bit inventive. i tried it, tapped the beat and made the lines fit by giving it some breaks or speaking some words faster. it feels like a rap then, which is cool. but some people may find it difficult to read it like this.think tetrameter or pentameter should be no problem for you as a drummer.

  • Linda

    This one really speaks to my heart.

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