Where do ideas come from

This post was inspired by http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2010/11/where-do-ideas-come-from.html


Ideas are often born in the strangest of places

And the good ones are welcomed home like once familiar faces

Sometimes when we’re awake and alert enough to notice

Or maybe when we’re sleeping and subconsciously courageous

Ideas don’t come from sitting idle, watching movies or television

But ideas may come from outside of us, like through the wonder of God’s creation

Ideas may be born within while reading or listening to a lecture

And the bigger ideas tend to leapfrog the ones that are mediocre

Mediocre ideas are the ones that are copying what’s working right this minute

But a good ideas can come from a bad idea, if we look around or within it

Ideas come in spurts, and often from the trouble that finds us

They also come from our ego, but are best when selfless and generous

Ideas occur in the aftermath when dissimilar universes collide

Ideas fear experts, but they adore the beginner’s mind

Ideas don’t need a passport, and often cross borders (of all kinds) with impunity

Sometimes ideas come from fear (which may be a redeeming quality in movies)

They also come from confidence, one success building on another

Sometimes they even come from humility, or are birthed from failure

Ideas often strive to meet our expectations: If we expect them to appear, they do

Ideas come out of the corner of the eye, and in the shower, and when we’re not trying, too

Ideas hate places where there is a history of criticism

Ideas also abhor personal attacks, boredom and cynicism

An idea must come from somewhere, because if it doesn’t join us here, it’s hidden.

And hidden ideas don’t ship, have no influence, and no intersection with the market or our vision.

This list of where ideas come from isn’t complete, it’s just a taste

For ideas are often born in the strangest of places



I could really relate to Seth’s list, and added a couple of my own.  Where do your ideas come from?


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