My Utmost – The Eternal Goal

Because you have obeyed me . . . I will bless you . . . —Genesis 22:16-17

i long to hear the voice of God

whispering quietly in my ear

a brush, a nudge, a gentle touch

all signs to me that He is near

i’ve talked to God for most of life

praying, fasting, and seeking

i realize that the conversation goes both ways

but only in the quiet when i’m listening

it’s tough to discern, i can scarce make it out

there’s a sea of voices all my own

but when i hear Him in the midst of it all

a light on my path is clearly shown

so in daily obedience i will seek after Him

deliberately quieting my mind and heart

in discipline i have hidden His word away

and through listening, each day will i start



About Delton

Dad, husband, drummer, cyclist, writer, poet, and Christ-follower. Right-brained dreamer solving left-brained problems. Trying to relate in new and creative ways. View all posts by Delton

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