Not all gifts are spiritual

Originally posted 8/29/10

For the second time this week, bloggers I read regularly were writing about spiritual gifting: ( and (

I think assessing our spiritual gifts is a powerful way of motivating us to get involved in our church (little “c”) so we can start being the Church (big “C”).

If you haven’t taken a spiritual gifts inventory lately, I encourage you do so now.  You can do so for free here (

Then, post your top five in the comments below.  (You DON’T have to write a poem! That’s just a tool I use to process information, so I thought it would be fun to share here.  A simple list in the comments is sufficient!)


this is the way the Apostles run

Peter, Andrew, James and … Delton?

not exactly the gift i expected to see

Paul? Yes. Peter? Yes. But me? Really?


Leadership is a gift i recognized early

i noticed that it kept creeping in naturally

whatever the situation, i tended to lead

not usually ‘cause i wanted to, but when i sensed the need


“You can’t out-give God” i’m quite fond of saying

But you CAN out-give your checkbook if you give without praying

Giving may comes easily, and i love to provide support

but my friends remind me to be cautious for “when helping hurts”


i tend not to worry and i rarely fret

about things of this world (‘cause faith is the opposite)

i may not walk on water or throw mountains to the sea

but i truly believe that my God can use even me


knowledge and teaching seem to go hand-in-hand

i tend to have the right word from God for my friends

i take truth from the scriptures and process it just so

that i’m able to share that in a way that hits home


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