an unlikely brew

My response to a tweet on 8/26/10 via @timastevens – The Beer and Bible guys in Utah got fired–lost their $ for new church plant in Utah

two beers and a Bible seem an unlikely brew

sharing their faith this way is definitely new

they went out to Utah, seemed like a good place to start

their methods were unorthodox, but they certainly had heart


some questioned their methods, but motives were pure

hoping they’d have some success, and their vision endure

but their funding dried up cause they weren’t dry themselves

only had half a beer, but may as well have been twelve


now whether or not you choose to partake

does not rule out their passion to make

the Gospel available in churches and bars

now their dreams have shattered, leaving wounds and scars


it seems not much has changed from His day until now

there is always a topic that becomes a sacred cow

whether working on the Sabbath or having a beer

we are often too quick to judge from ignorance or fear


good thing Jesus didn’t try to love on sinners and whores

that He didn’t hang with the wretched and the lowly in scores

that He only healed the well, and those who remained clean

good thing the religious weren’t unreasonable or plain mean


my prayers go out to the Hill family tonight

and this isn’t even about whether drinking is wrong or right

it’s about supporting the church (little C) when obstacles come

and about BEING the Church (big C) till His Kingdom come


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Dad, husband, drummer, cyclist, writer, poet, and Christ-follower. Right-brained dreamer solving left-brained problems. Trying to relate in new and creative ways. View all posts by Delton

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